Welcome to the IRIS lemn web page!


The main activity of IRIS SERVICE CIUC S.A. is wood processing and manufacturing furniture and other hardwood DIY products.

Having over 15 years of experience in manufacturing hardwood products, we learned to bring out the natural beauty of hardwood. Through our work we pay homage to the long tradition of woodworking of our region. We offer our clients, mostly major retailers, with whom we have developed long-term partnerships, hardwood products of the best quality.

“Quality is manufactured, not verified” is the motto which best reflects our core values trough which our team approaches every new product, client and challenge. This dedicated and dynamic team is the core of our activities.

Over the years we have learned the importance of having good relations with our suppliers, as they are the ones who provide us quality raw materials and other supplies necessary for manufacturing. We only work with hardwood of Romanian origin, acquired from reliable, FSC certified sources.

At IRIS lemn we welcome challenges. Therefore, we would always like to meet new potential clients, new talents, potential employees and new suppliers, with whom we could continue to grow on a long-term basis.